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Youth Exchanges

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Overcoming barriers, stereotypes and prejudices among young people, developing a sense of solidarity and tolerance among them – these are the objectives of the ‘Youth in action’ Programme. The goal of the Programme and its youth exchanges is to support the mobility of young people and promote active European citizenship in particular.

Non-formal learning

ADRA Poland organises youth exchanges cofinanced from the European Union funds within the Programme ‘Youth in Action’. Thanks to the Programme, young people aged between 13 and 30 are given the opportunity to pursue their passions, develop skills and gain new experience. All of this can be achieved by combining adventure and non-formal education with getting to know other cultures.

The youth exchanges enable one or more groups of young people to pay a visit to a group from another country in order to participate together in a joint programme of activities. Each group must consist of minimum eight people and at least one of the countries involved must be a member of the EU. Its theme may be art, culture, history, ecology, health etc. The objective of the project is to promote active involvement of the youth and stimulate their awareness of social, economic and cultural realities. They learn from each other, develop their sense of entrepreneurship and creativity and foster their sense of European citizenship.

Have you noticed a social problem? Speak out loudly!

‘Speak out loudly!’ is one of our first projects of that kind. It is being implemented in cooperation with the Turkish organisation Guven Education and Health Foundation. Its target is a group of 16 people at secondary school age (16-18 years) from Poland and Turkey. The main theme is citizen journalism as a tool to touch upon serious issues including problems faced by the youth. The goal of the joint programme will be to provide the participants with knowledge and skills which will enable them to speak their mind openly and clearly in the public space. The project is going to take place in Grzybowo in Poland on 20th –29th of May. At the end each participant will receive a Youthpass certificate confirming the experience they gained.

Youth Exchanges are cofinanced by: Youth exchanges

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